Spain, 30th October 1988. Is a story of struggle and overcoming of a young woman graduated in journalism and unemployed, that decides to seek by her own looking for the exclusive news that integrates her into the profesional world of journalism. The night that Emiliano Revilla, an important spanish bussines man from the late eighties, is released from his captivity made by a terrorism comand of ETA, she is the only journalist who is guarding the house of Emiliano and the first person to see him in freedom. Since then, there are several hours of emotions, anguish, nerves and a tense wait trying this nees not to be removed from the exclusive in the most effective way possible. This is the story of the liberation that an entire country expected

16:9 / 2K I 4K / Colour / 2016 / 74' / Spanish

Available: Festivals

Genre: Docufiction
Topic: Drama
Production Country: Spain

Production company: Chester Media Producciones, S.L.
Director: Luis María Ferrández
Cast: Beatriz Medina, Txema Blasco, Mauricio Bautista, Javier Antón, Rebeca Sala, Alberto Jiménez

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