In 2005 and 2006 we filmed the birth and the first year of life of four girls from four continents ('Una vida por delante'). All of them were born in a fragile context, mostly due to war and extreme poverty. Secret was born right after the civil war in Liberia, Noelia arrived in a indigenous family of Bolivia, Alaishri came to this world in the middle of a tough tribal conflict in Assam, India, and Daniela, daughter of a congolese undocumented immigrant, was born on the floor of a flat in Sweden. 10 years later we come back to meet them again.

16:9 / FULL HD / Colour / 2017 / 65' / Catalonian, Spanish, French, Liberian English

Available: Festivals

Genre: Documentary
Production Country: Spain

Production company: La Lupa Produccions SL, Amanda Sans Pantling, Lluís Jené
Director: Lluís Jené, Amanda Sans Pantling, Oriol Gispert

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