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New York, post 9/11: Armed with a home video camera and no script, the director delves into the private lives of four women artists and transgender activists from the city’s underground subculture, filming their lives over a period of 10 years. Little by little, their testimonies reveal fragments of their pasts, their experiences and their struggles for an identity of their own. A series of revelations transform the viewer from feeling like an intruder to being invested in their destinies.

16:9 / FULL HD / Colour / 2018 / 75' / English, Spanish

Available: Festivals

Genre: Documentary
Topic: Drama
Production Country: Spain

Director: Gustavo Sánchez
Cast: Amanda Lepore, Chloe Dzubilo, Sophia Lamar, T de Long

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Colosé Producciones, Silent Soundsystem, Gustavo Sánchez, Películas La Trini EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: J. A. Bayona, Fiona Vidal-Quadras, Carlos Bayona PRODUCTORS: Gustavo Sánchez, Ricard Robles, Sandra Hermida, Javier Soto DELEGATE PRODUCER: Soledad Martínez

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